About Us

Hello Friends,

I am MD. Estakharul and I’m from Abhilasha Parisar Bilaspur c.g.

I have completed my B. Tech Graduation from L.C.I.T Collage which is in Bilaspur C.G.

My hobbies are playing chess, watching movies, and listening of songs. out of all my hobbies, I spent my most of the time listening to music and playing chess.

I always like to enjoy the daawat party, my favorite food is Chicken Biryani.

Not just because I am a Technical Student That’s Why I am doing Blogging or Working as a Website Developer, It is because I have an interest in technology and I’m close to technology.

As a computer science student when I talk about my favorite programming language then it is java programming

My aim is to become an android developer, but as a beginner currently I am working as a Website Developer.


1.in every work I always give my best & try to complete it well.

2. I always try to learn something from my mistakes and other mistakes also.

3. Good Communication Skill as well as Convincing Skill.

Why I Choose to Do Blogging

I started Blogging not just because of my technical field, it is because of my interest. When I bought a Domain www.Techvidyarthy.com I thought I will write blogs on Technology field nut there is already a lot of websites or domain as a competitor, to minimize competition and rank faster I decide to follow my another Interest that is Travelling.

How to reach us

Website: https://techvidyarthy.com/

E-mail : [email protected]